The Person I Admire The Most

Hi friends, here’s is my new post about the person whom i admire the most.There are many people whom not only me but we all  admire  like film stars,Freedom fighters,Cricketers,Singers,ETC…….But there is one person whom I admire the most and that is no one but my mother.

My mothers name is Ayesha Shaikh and she is 38  years old but she doesn’t looks like her age because she is fair and very cute and beautiful.She is very kind and likes to help others specially the poor,when our aunt who comes to sweep the floor she gives her tea and breakfast and when she comes in afternoon she serves her lunch.She is full of humor.Her smile is awesome.She is a house wife.But first she used work in an office named “Deepak cables private limited .She used to work as an  office administrator.Which has been now shifted to Bihar.So mama doesn’t work now.She plays an important role in my life.I love her a lot.First when we had come to Goa we didn’t go to school because we had come in the mid year and then mama had sent us to tution because first we used to stay in Maharashtra where there was no English but Marathi and we didn’t knew to speak. We got the admission in St.Joseph school in Margao Goa.She helped us to learn English.Now because of her  we can speak English.Her dream was to go/join in the military and also to become a doctor but it would not get fulfilled because  of some reason.She wanted to do something for our world/India.She wanted to become like her father who was also in military.

Now my dream is to become a police and join the military and do something for our India and make my mom feel proud of me.She alone takes care of our family ie:My father and we 6 sisters and sometimes our grandparents also come to stay for a few months.she liked when we danced and she is a good singer.she always encourages us in whatever we do.She likes to keep the house clean and likes to learn new things.

I love my mom a lot and i am lucky to have a mother like her.There are many reasons for which i admire her the most.

Thank you friends for reading this and hope you liked my post.mummy

This is my cute and sweet mom!!!!!!!!!!


Summer vacation

Hello friends i want to tell you about my new post which is about the summer holidays.We had got our summer holidays in march and we had 2months holidays and in my summer holidays we had not gone anywhere we were at home only. Because my father had work and my mother did not wanted to miss her tailoring classes but my father used to take us to other places in Goa on every Sunday and we used to enjoy a lot my mother used to go to the tailoring class and my elder sister used to go to learn to make different hand made flowers and she used to like it. And me and my 4sisters used to play at home enjoy by watching T.V we used to see different cartoon films,my father had told us to write 15 pages or more pages if we want to improve our handwriting and we used to write after our mother comes till she comes we used to enjoy and have lots of fun.

My father used to take us to beaches and other places every Sunday. I wrote my 2 posts on the summer holidays only my father had thought us how to write and that were the bondla trip and the trip to panjim and my father had taught me and my elder sister Microsoft excel and we have this for exam this year so now we now how to use the excel and for what it is used and my mother also used to help us when father is not there or he has went to Bangalore. And then my father put me to piano classes which i liked and I am still learning and I like it so i enjoyed my summer holidays without going out of Goa.

So I think that we can enjoy our vacations without going out of the state or country also and this was my best summer vacation ever.I thank my parents for this wonderful vacation.

Thank you friends for reading this and hope you all will like it. please post your comments if you liked or disliked i will be very happy .And I will be waiting for your comments.

Thank You!

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Journey To Panjim

Hello friends,this my 2nd post my 1st post was about my trip to Bondla.  Today I am going to share with  you about my journey to Panjim.  It was Sunday we had decided that we will go to colva beach.  We decided that we will go at 4.00PM.  We all got ready and sat in the car then my sister said that we will go to Panjim beach  then we had lots of fun in the car like singing songs  and sometimes listening songs also.

Then, my father said that we will not go to beach besides we will go to the garden where you all can play.  And we all went to the garden there  were many types of  slides many people  came there it was very crowdy.  My mother was angry  very much she was quietly sitting and watching us .  It was 6.30 then we went to Dona Paula  we took  lots of photos , we felt fresh and cool air there.  On the way to our home we felt hungry then my father took us to eat  pizza .I and my sisters ate corn flavour.and others had  other flavours. we all shared to with one another I shared my pizza with everyone of my family.

Then we all were tired,and we were not filling hungry and we came back home.  so freinds give your comments to me.Take care and thank for reading my post after your comments i will write more things for you thank you very much.

Thank  You

Very Much

My Bondala Trip

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about my trip to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. My family and my friend Arti didi had planned to go to Bondla. I was very excited to go to Bondla ,we were going for the first time to see  real wild animals .I got up earlier then I used to . I got freshed up had bath and then i , Arti Didi ,my aunt and my elder sister helped my mama to pack the tiffin for the picnic we all  got ready and sat out for the picnic .we had lots of fun in the car .

It took atleast 2 hours for us to reach .we had no place for parking and it was Sunday so many people had come to Bondla. But we got the place to park .we were tired and thirsty we had water but as we saw that there was canteen every one wanted to have softdrink i ,my younger sister elder sister my youngest sister and my friend Arti Didi wanted mazza, my mama, my 5th sister had limka my 4

th sister had fanta and my dada had  coke. then we went inside there wer two arows one side it was written as small zoo and the other side it was written as garden .my father said that we should first go to the small zoo and we will have our lunch in the garden.

went to the small zoo first and the animals which we saw are the dear, crocodile,two snakes one in sand and one in green color,two pythons were also there joined to each other sleeping , king cobra was also there ,cheetah,tiger,fox,there were two-three bares,and many more.then we reached the garden i ,my friend Arti Didi and my elder sister Afreen went to bring the bags from the car.we were tired  and my legs were paining a lot we had our lunch  then we played batminton it was very hot and i was tired and i was feeling sleepy my father said to go with Arti Didi and see the full garden .I ,my mom, my sisters were also there with us.we saw swans also, and i was tired it was 3.30 and my father said that we must go home.

Because Arti Didi had to go home so as we were going we saw many monkeys sitti in th jungle. A we all were sleeping while going. and we reached I suggest that you all must also go to bondla it is a nice place.Please tell me whether you like my eassay.thank you very much to all those who are reading this thanks a lot




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