My Bondala Trip

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about my trip to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. My family and my friend Arti didi had planned to go to Bondla. I was very excited to go to Bondla ,we were going for the first time to see  real wild animals .I got up earlier then I used to . I got freshed up had bath and then i , Arti Didi ,my aunt and my elder sister helped my mama to pack the tiffin for the picnic we all  got ready and sat out for the picnic .we had lots of fun in the car .

It took atleast 2 hours for us to reach .we had no place for parking and it was Sunday so many people had come to Bondla. But we got the place to park .we were tired and thirsty we had water but as we saw that there was canteen every one wanted to have softdrink i ,my younger sister elder sister my youngest sister and my friend Arti Didi wanted mazza, my mama, my 5th sister had limka my 4

th sister had fanta and my dada had  coke. then we went inside there wer two arows one side it was written as small zoo and the other side it was written as garden .my father said that we should first go to the small zoo and we will have our lunch in the garden.

went to the small zoo first and the animals which we saw are the dear, crocodile,two snakes one in sand and one in green color,two pythons were also there joined to each other sleeping , king cobra was also there ,cheetah,tiger,fox,there were two-three bares,and many more.then we reached the garden i ,my friend Arti Didi and my elder sister Afreen went to bring the bags from the car.we were tired  and my legs were paining a lot we had our lunch  then we played batminton it was very hot and i was tired and i was feeling sleepy my father said to go with Arti Didi and see the full garden .I ,my mom, my sisters were also there with us.we saw swans also, and i was tired it was 3.30 and my father said that we must go home.

Because Arti Didi had to go home so as we were going we saw many monkeys sitti in th jungle. A we all were sleeping while going. and we reached I suggest that you all must also go to bondla it is a nice place.Please tell me whether you like my eassay.thank you very much to all those who are reading this thanks a lot





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