Journey To Panjim

Hello friends,this my 2nd post my 1st post was about my trip to Bondla.  Today I am going to share with  you about my journey to Panjim.  It was Sunday we had decided that we will go to colva beach.  We decided that we will go at 4.00PM.  We all got ready and sat in the car then my sister said that we will go to Panjim beach  then we had lots of fun in the car like singing songs  and sometimes listening songs also.

Then, my father said that we will not go to beach besides we will go to the garden where you all can play.  And we all went to the garden there  were many types of  slides many people  came there it was very crowdy.  My mother was angry  very much she was quietly sitting and watching us .  It was 6.30 then we went to Dona Paula  we took  lots of photos , we felt fresh and cool air there.  On the way to our home we felt hungry then my father took us to eat  pizza .I and my sisters ate corn flavour.and others had  other flavours. we all shared to with one another I shared my pizza with everyone of my family.

Then we all were tired,and we were not filling hungry and we came back home.  so freinds give your comments to me.Take care and thank for reading my post after your comments i will write more things for you thank you very much.

Thank  You

Very Much


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