Summer vacation

Hello friends i want to tell you about my new post which is about the summer holidays.We had got our summer holidays in march and we had 2months holidays and in my summer holidays we had not gone anywhere we were at home only. Because my father had work and my mother did not wanted to miss her tailoring classes but my father used to take us to other places in Goa on every Sunday and we used to enjoy a lot my mother used to go to the tailoring class and my elder sister used to go to learn to make different hand made flowers and she used to like it. And me and my 4sisters used to play at home enjoy by watching T.V we used to see different cartoon films,my father had told us to write 15 pages or more pages if we want to improve our handwriting and we used to write after our mother comes till she comes we used to enjoy and have lots of fun.

My father used to take us to beaches and other places every Sunday. I wrote my 2 posts on the summer holidays only my father had thought us how to write and that were the bondla trip and the trip to panjim and my father had taught me and my elder sister Microsoft excel and we have this for exam this year so now we now how to use the excel and for what it is used and my mother also used to help us when father is not there or he has went to Bangalore. And then my father put me to piano classes which i liked and I am still learning and I like it so i enjoyed my summer holidays without going out of Goa.

So I think that we can enjoy our vacations without going out of the state or country also and this was my best summer vacation ever.I thank my parents for this wonderful vacation.

Thank you friends for reading this and hope you all will like it. please post your comments if you liked or disliked i will be very happy .And I will be waiting for your comments.

Thank You!

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